9 out of 10 bands break up in their first year. Those are the lucky ones.

Most of what transpires in the following stories, unfortunately, happened to a punk band you’ve never heard of.

If you have been, or in fact are, in a band then you’ll be familiar with the all too soul destroying struggles that nearly every amateur band faces. Hell, you’ve probably been through worse.  

If you’ve never had that questionable pleasure, perhaps the tales will give you some insight into the daily pain involved. It may even have the added benefit of making sure you never try.  

The names and places have been altered to protect the egos of those involved. Most notably our own. We’ve also omitted the band name.

But then you wouldn’t have heard of us anyway.

SOME OTHER GREAT RESOURCES: If you’re after some tales of gigging woes from famous artists, check out this excellent collection at worstgig.com.

Similarly, the UK punk scene legend and all round super chap Summers has a very entertaining blog about life on the road at iwanttogohomenowplease.tumblr.com  

Photo by Stròlic Furlàn – Davide Gabino via Flickr.